Time to take a step back

As a Practice Manager, it is easy to fall into the shoes of every absent employee.

Like when bookings fell behind and you stepped in to take the slack.

Or the time your vet assistant had to leave early and you stepped in for the afternoon patients?

Basically any time you are short-staffed.

It’s inherent.

Yet, is it really the best use of your time and skills?

Probably not.

So let’s talk about how cross-training your staff will help not only benefit your practice but free up your time and help you to work on your practice – not in it.

It’s time for something, or someone, to be the new solution – instead of you.

  1. Hiring flexible staff

    When hiring new staff, one of the most important things to look for is flexibility.

    Hiring those who have some flexibility around weekly hours. Are they happy with fewer hours when business demand is low? Or are they dependent on a full 40-hour week roster?

    Flexible staff is key to a successful workforce. Those who can bend and mould around business and personal needs.

  2. Dynamic rosters

    There will always be external life demands that pop up for your staff.

    Keeping a flexible roster system allows for employees to happily lodge time off for Annual Leave and other reasons without feeling they are letting the team down.

    Allowing a flexible schedule so your staff can attend to their personal lives and needs will go a long way in retaining staff.

  3. Cross-train your staff

    Cross-training your staff is really the clincher which means you will never be left in the lurch should a team member be absent.

    If someone is off sick or has to leave early or is absent for an extended period of time, someone should always be able to stand in and pick up the slack.

    Every single person in your clinic should be able to pick up the phone, make bookings and deal with patients who enter the clinic.

    It’s a no-brainer, an integral part of your business where all team members can stand in when needed.

  4. Make yourself the last available option

    Now this one comes down to you and changing the way you operate.

    Chances are, you are used to filling in and being the go-to person when needed. It’s time to change tack – for your staff to know that you are the last resort when it comes to asking for assistance.

    Dressing in appropriate corporate attire will help to send this message. Grappling with unruly patients is not as easy when in corporate attire as compared to your daily scrubs.

    Set the scene for your staff to know they are to try all alternate avenues before coming to you. Empower them to make those decisions.

    You’ll have more time to work on your business – as opposed to working in it.

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