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Our inhouse Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Accountants provide a comprehensive SMSF advisory and management service with real time reporting, inhouse audits and investment strategy and advice.

What is a Self Managed Super Fund?

A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is a private super fund you manage yourself. The control of your super is completely in your hands with choice over where your funds are invested. Those looking into a SMSF may have had a bad experience with a previous public fund or are just looking for more say into where their retirement savings are invested. SMSF are regulated by the ATO and ASIC (indirectly) as opposed to public funds regulated by APRA.

What are the advantages of a Self Managed Super Fund?

There are currently 600,00 Self Managed Super Funds across Australia with the trustees of those funds having direct power over their investment decisions. This includes having a documented investment strategy which guides the SMSF investment decisions. SMSF allow for greater control over investment decisions, including the investment options chosen. There are also wider investment options open to SMSFs including residential and commercial real estate.

SMSF allow for greater flexibility with tax obligations with their member contributions and funds earnings taxed at 15% – the concessional superannuation rate. For those over 60, benefits received are tax free. SMSFs also allow for increased asset protection and estate planning with more flexible and tax-effective options.

How to set up a Self Managed Super Fund

There are initial costs for the setup of your Self Managed Super Fund including its structure and trust deed with either individual or corporate trustees. These trustees are then responsible for the management and compliance of the SMSF. This is where we can help our clients with the ongoing auditing, tax obligations and reporting to the ATO.

There is no predefined minimum balance for a Self Managed Super Fund. However, a good indication is a starting balance of $500,000.

Our areas of SMSF expertise include:

Yearly SMSF financial account preparation and tax return

Yearly inhouse independent SMSF audit

Ongoing assessment of your SMSF insurance requirements

Management of LRBA

Yearly investment strategy review and advisory service

Flexibility with member death benefits

A diverse range of investment options and advice

How to make the most of your family budget, savings and investment advice to suit your current stage and future goals.

Ongoing management and trustee support

Coordination and planning of your assets and estate plan including your Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Binding Death Nominations.

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