Accounting for Vets

Specialised accountants for veterinary practices

An accountant for vets that cares about the financial health of your practice

Veterinarians generally have one thing in common. A love for animals. Is the love of cash flows and budgets just as strong? Probably not.

Did you open your practice with the desire to help all animals but find you are drowning in the financials? Feel as though being the accountant for your veterinary clinic is not what you signed up for?

We are here to help.

How can we help solve your practice pain points?

As a veterinary practice, we understand the unique challenges you face both within your team and your clients. Our specialised vet accountancy packages can help you to both run your practice more efficiently and cohesively through:

Chasing outstanding payments

Retaining clients

Designing care packages

Building a positive office culture

accountant for veterinary practice holding a cat

Financial peace of mind for vet practices

Australian pet ownership is on the rise with Australians now owning over 29 million pets and 61% of households owning a dog or a cat. With pet ownership on the rise and undoubtedly, the demand for veterinary professionals, is your veterinary practice ready? Do you have the systems and processes in place and a solid financial plan behind you?

Is this part of your business suffering? Do you need financial advice and accounting solutions to ensure the future profitability of your practice?

If the answer is yes, you need a specialised accountant for your vet practice. One that not only looks after your tax compliance but provides a complete financial, accounting and business consulting service for vets.

financially viable vet practice

Diversifying your veterinary business

If there is anything the past 6 months has taught us is that we need to diversify to remain profitable. Veterinary group private practice is on the rise, accounting for 40% of veterinarians in the industry. The need to ensure a profitable practice has never been higher.

A specialised accountant for your vet practice gives you the confidence your practice is performing at peak efficiency and profitability. We not only work on the financial side of your business but also your staff – as they are the people that make your business thrive.

You’ll benefit from relevant financial advice and support so you can focus on the operation of your practice and the needs of your clients. All whilst increasing your bottom line with maximum efficiency.

vet taking care of dog with vet accountant in background

Becoming a veterinary employer of choice

We understand the demand that the veterinary industry has on its owners, veterinary surgeons, nurses and staff. It is an industry unlike any other. High levels of burn out, emotional stress and compassion fatigue make finding a good work-life balance an important focus. An important underlying factor on a good work/life balance is creating financial stability.

We look after your financials in a bid to see your practice grow and thrive. We look at your business performance and KPIs to ensure your practice is operating at peak performance, whilst also caring for the financial needs of your staff. This includes implementing effective practice systems and processes to create a profitable business with high staff retention and low turnover.

Veterinary Accounting Services

Our range of veterinary accounting services is to add value to your business and provide further opportunities for growth:

  • Strategic business planning

  • Increase revenue strategies

  • Staffing analysis and assessment

  • Veterinary business consulting and planning

  • Practice expansion and diversification

  • Veterinary practice valuation

  • Cash flow analysis

  • Tax preparation

  • Superannuation advice

  • Compliance audits

  • Cost control

  • Veterinary asset finance and protection

  • SMSF preparation and management

Veterinary Financial Planning

Our veterinary financial planning services provide our vet practice clients with tailored, comprehensive financial planning advice to assist with:

  • Taxation planning strategies

  • Debt management

  • Retirement planning

  • Superannuation planning

  • Investment advice

  • Succession planning

  • Estate planning

  • Veterinary income protection

  • Self-Managed Super Funds

  • Budgeting and Investing

  • Wealth protection

Our team offers a hands-on, personalised approach to your veterinary accounting needs.

Contact our team today for an initial consultation and see if we are the right vet accountant for your practice.

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