A welcome reprieve for NSW business owners

With Many small business owners navigating their way through rising costs of living and high interest rates, any bill relief comes as a highly welcome gift.

Especially when it comes to assistance with energy costs.

From 31st July, the NSW Government is assisting approximately 320,000 small businesses with $650 energy bill relief.

Are you eligible for the payment?

Eligibility criteria are pretty simple.

The 4 eligibility factors to tick off are:

  1. Your are a business based in NSW
  2. You need to be an electricity account holder
  3. You must be on a business tariff
  4. You must consume less than 100 megawatt hours (MWh) per year.

How do you claim your $650?

Bet you don’t hear this very often – you don’t have to do anything!

Yes, you heard that correctly.

If you’re a retail customer with an energy retailer, your retailer will apply the payment automatically in $162.50 quarterly instalments on your bill.


If you have not yet received an instalment, contact your retailer direct. 

If you happen to be in an embedded (on-supply) network, such as in a shopping centre, and receive your bill from Centre Management or the Owners, you’ll be separately advised on how to apply from October 2023.

Please note this is for NSW small businesses only.

Download the NSW Small Business Energy Bill Relief fact sheet for further information.

To find out more and to search more grants visit the NSW Grants and Funding website.

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