Recommendations and client reviews can have both the best, and the worst, impact on business.

A positive review can go a long way to fostering client trust and loyalty.

Positive reviews can help to attract new clients, spread your brand awareness, provide feedback to your business on what is working well, and uplift team morale.

A negative review can work in the reverse just as easily.

So how do you foster positive client reviews?

  1. Be active on your social platforms

    The first thing is to be active on your social platforms. If you have a Facebook page, Instagram, Google Business page and LinkedIn pages, be active on them and check in regularly.

  2. Share your successes

    When you receive a positive review, share it!

    Flood your pages with positive feedback from clients. Where applicable, share client images and happy customers with quotes singing your praises.

    Positive reviews also go a long way to boosting team morale. Print them out and leave them in a visible location for all staff to see.

    If particular staff members are singled out in a positive review, celebrate their victory and reward their success.

  3. Make it easy

    The reality is, most people are happy to leave a positive review if given the chance. But we also like it to be easy.

    The easier you make leaving a review the more chance you have of your customers leaving one. Both Facebook and your Google Business page have direct links you can share with your customers to leave a review.

    Add these review links to your email signature as a source of constant reminders to your clients.

  4. Use your manners

    Again, customers are happy to leave a review if asked nicely! A little politeness can go a long way.

    Try it in different ways and see which approach works best for you:

    Some proven winners include: “We’d love your support” or “Would you be willing to share your feedback?” with a direct link to the review page.

  5. Use visuals to grab attention

    It’s important when asking for a review to get noticed. If you are a veterinary practice, grab your latest litter of puppies. If a cafe, your barista – use your people and your products that are at your disposal.

  6. Thank your clients who leave a review

    When a customer does share a review, say thank you! Follow through with a friendly thank you message. Where possible, share the love and leave a positive review straight back to them.

What do you do when you receive a negative review?

Receiving a negative review is never easy. But it is all about how you get up and respond to it that counts.

It’s important to not let emotion get involved. If you are emotional, it is not the right time to respond. Shelve the review until you are ready to approach it with a calm and positive attitude.

When that time arises, respond positively to the review with any assistance you can provide to improve your customer’s experience.

On the other hand, if it is a rude and irate customer that you know is never going to rest, sometimes it is best to respond politely and move on.

Hey, while you are at it, would you like to leave us a review? If so, head to our Facebook page of Google Business page. See, it’s as easy as that!